Are you tired of sitting on the beach and watching the wallets and cell phones? Are you ready to enjoy the pleasures that swimming has to offer?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you?

  • If I put my face in water, I'll get water in my nose or mouth.

  • I have taken lessons and they didn't work or I have since forgotten.

  • If I get water in my nose or mouth, I'll struggle, sputter, cough and possibly drown.

  • If I relax in water, I'll drop straight to the bottom like a stone.

  • Sometimes I can't keep my presence of mind in deep water.

  • I cannot float

  • I nearly drowned and had to be rescued



  1. Entering water with instructor

  2. Blowing bubbles through nose and mouth

  3. Kicking on front and back both forward and backwards

  4. Breathing techniques

  5. Introduction to using fins

  6. Head submersion

  7. Basic stroke technique

  8. Front and back floating

  9. Treading water